Unidez Sp. of o.o. Polish manufacturer of heating elements.

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of heaters from steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant copper and applicable in various industries.

We provide heating elements for well-known and respected Polish and foreign producers.
We also offer heaters made ​​for spare parts warehouse of known brands:
Amica, Mastercook, Beco, Ardo, Bosch, Mora, Gorenje and others.

In addition to the large series, we manufacture heating elements on special order and according to individual customer's project.

Unidez Sp. o.o. uses stainless steel and ordinary, as a basic component products almost 20 years. The company expands opportunities for its use, and thus the range of products, using modern technology and experienced skilled staff.

Trust our 20 years of experience.




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